Choir Trip to France

Twenty members of our Choir, along with Leon, our Conductor and Kristine, our Accompanist, travelled to Provence on Friday, 24 May, to take part in Festival de Chorale Europeen in Berre l’Etang. This was another wonderful and memorable trip for us and it was a pleasure to meet and socialise with some of the people whose organisation made the Festival possible. We cannot thank them enough {Yves, Manet, Gordon, to name a few] for their kindness, helpfulness and friendliness

Taking part in the Concert on Saturday, 25 May was exciting for us and we had the opportunity to meet and converse with some members from other choirs – as much as that was possible with our language differences! It was also interesting for us to hear the music choices from the others taking part. This was an extremely well supported concert locally and we were playing to a packed audience.

This was the last event in what has been another busy and exciting year for THE LANARK CHORAL. We look forward to our next session which will start on Monday, 2 September 2019.

If you are interested in joining THE LANARK CHORAL and wish further information, please get in touch through this website.

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